I'm Rick Clark. owner of Residential and Commercial Construction (RC Construction). I began my building career in 1985, delivering a sharp eye to custom detail along with a cost effective approach to residential and commercial construction throughout Los Gatos and the greater bay area.

I have become well known for my accomplishments of renovating and building many properties, which fueled the creation of RC Construction in 1992. Examples of my meticulous attention to quality craftmanship and construction include many, many homes throughout the bay area as well as commercial properties such as the Mercado Retail Complex in Santa Clara, the congregation Shir Hadash in Los Gatos, retail chain Taco Bell on El Camino Real in Santa Clara and the newly built Walgreens in San Leandro. See my photo gallery for some of my latest examples.

A lifetime of family memories start here.

One of my proudest works, however, is building the home that I now live in. My wife and business partner, Shaheen, and I have rebuilt our home from a bare foundation. We raised our two daughters there in the town of Los Gatos. It is a house we call home and are proud to display.

As with many families, it was our hope that this house would provide a lifetime of memories for our kids. Having gone through the experience of building our dream home and raising our now college aged kids in our home, Shaheen and I know what it is like and what it takes to create the homestead that families remember for the rest of their lives.

It is my personal goal to help you achieve that picture perfect environment. Albeit, it may not be a home, but rather that boutique business just starting out, or that rennovation of the coffee shop you are buying with a partner, but it is your canvas and I know that I can help you make it everything you imagined it would be.

You and my company. Together. We can make it come to life!